Tuesday, 17 November 2015

kashmir handmade wool numdah tapestry embroidery rug carpet wall hanging

kashmir handmade wool numdah tapestry embroidery rug carpet wall hanging


Today I offer to you a rare example of what a traditional history of Kashmir, Pakistan. In all of kashmir I have only found four individuals who can make these items to this level of quality. In purchasing one you own not only have unique crafted item, you help an artist keep a traditional skill alive for other generation.

The stunning carpet handmade is made in pure wool felted by hand and foot not large industrialized machines, then loving embroidered. Unspun wool from sheep grown locally, is spread over a mat and then rolled and pressed underfoot to make for felting. The milled (pressed) washed and dried. Then embroidered with the bright vibrant flower pattern you see in the images.

Each and every Numdah is unique and handmade. The Numdah can be used as a fine rug or carpet, a mattress or as an amazing wall hanging. Perfect for your home, a warm vibrant addition to your home  

In a world where mass produced disposable items around I invite you to luxuriate in a product made by skill hands, to warm your home. 


LENGTH        :      55’’ (4 feet and 6 inches)                     
BRITH            :     40” (3 foot and 4 inches)
WEIGHT        :      1.16 Kg
Price                :       USD $ 150


Our mode of payment is through ‘Buy it now’ on ebay.             
Our preferred method of payment is through paypal. 


We will ship the item within 48 hours of working days while the payment is made. We will email the tracking no of DHL.


In case of return the product should be return within 7 days of the item received. The return cost will be on buyer. The product cost will be refunded when the item is received to our store. 

If you have any problem in the shipment or in the product, please feel free to contact us, we are here to solve the problem of the client. So please contact us before leaving negative feedback abruptly.

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