Monday, 5 September 2011

Paper Mache Heart Shape Jewelry jewellery box

Paper Mache, Heart Shape
Jewelry Box


Paper Mache is one the most popular crafts practiced made by local people of Kashmir. The Techniques involved in Paper Mache production are divided into two distinct categories. The First is ‘SakhtaSazi’, making the object, the second is ‘Naqashi’ painting the surface.

In ‘SakhtaSazi’ grind newspaper and other papers pulp which is molded around a based shape. The colors painted on the object are made from pigments diluted in water to which some glue is added to fix it to the ground on which it is used. ‘Naqashi’ are very intricate and their application requires a great deal of skill and accuracy. The patterns are painted free handed. The brushes used for ‘Naqashi’ were formally made of cat’s hair.

In this kind of Paper Mache embossed technique is used to decorate it. During embossment very delicate and beautiful leaves and flowers are created. It is all handmade and before finishes a special shinning glue is applied all over the paper Mache work. To give it the shape of heart a cardboard is used for this purpose. An interior of this heart shape jewelry box is made of very fine quality velvet.

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