Monday, 5 September 2011

Handicraft under cut carved Small Walnut Wood Jewelry Box

Walnut wood,
Handicraft, handmade,
Jewelry Box, Carved under cut


In Kashmir with it’s dense forest and wide variety of walnut trees it has a rich tradition of walnut wood carving. The strong, rich, dark wood of the walnut tree known as ‘DUN’ in Kashmir was considered ideal for the carved work. Due to it’s durability and natural color, it is regarded as most suitable wood for carving and wood working. Carving is done skillfully by hand where it makes undercut and deep carving with indigenous tools.

The walnut carved box which we are selling is made of whole walnut wood. On the side of the box there is beautiful leaf carved by hand. On Upside of the box, it is carved as well as beautifully undercut handwork is applied. You can see very clearly the beautiful branches of grapes and the leaves as well. The upper carving and the undercut work is a master piece work. There are two chambers in the box and you can use it as a jewelry box as well as you can put valuable things in it. In front side area of the box, there is a beautiful secret Lock for opening and closing.  

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