Sunday, 4 September 2011

Handicraft Carved Walnut Wood Jewellery Jewelry Box

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In Kashmir with it’s dense forest and wide variety of walnut trees it has a rich tradition of walnut wood carving. The strong, rich, dark wood of the walnut tree known as ‘DUN’ in Kashmir was considered ideal for the carved work. Due to it’s durability and natural color, it is regarded as most suitable wood for carving and wood working. Carving is done skillfully by hand where it makes undercut and deep carving with indigenous tools.
The jewelry box which we are selling is master piece of the hand carved technique of the kashmiri local people. Except keeping jewelry or valuable things it can be used as good quality show piece either keeping in your drawing room or anywhere you like. You can see that it is very delicately carved, many small and some big flowered. The four legs of the jewelry box is detachable and can be useful when you are packing it. There are three compartments in the box for holding of different jewelry and valuable things. The bases of the three compartments are covered with fine quality of velvet. There is old fashioned lock with the keys. 

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