Saturday, 1 December 2012

Long Coat (Chapan)

Chapan is a variety of long coat usually worn over the clothes in winter season both indoor and outdoor by the men. The making of this long coat (chapan) is made of different fabric materials e.g. some made of pure silk, some made of silk and cotton mix. The long coat (chapan) is made of different varieties of colors and patterns. Most pattern of this is with strips. Mostly is worn by central asia, including Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other surrounding countries. Worldwide the long coat (chapan) is famlier because one of the President of asian country worn it.

The product which we are selling is the top quality long coat (chapan) is only for winter season. Outside of the chapan is made of mostly silk with little bit mix of cotton. The pattern of outside of this chapan is made of two beautiful colors green and purple strips. Over the green strips there are thin lines of two colors red and golden. Over the purple strips there are thin lines of golden color.

The long sleeves of this chapan are usually for show purpose and mostly people are not inserting their hands in it. The end of these long sleeves is sewing with beautiful patterns and end of the long sleeve is beautifully made of lining.

The collar of this chapan is beautiful and strongly sewed with beautiful pattern. Over the long collar there is also design of red and white strong thread work. The boundaries of all the sides of the chapan are strongly made of two color thread.

The inside of chapan is made of mostly cotton and little bit silk mix. The boundaries of inside chapan are made of strong cloth coterie. The filling of this chapan is made of cotton.

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SIZE of Each Lamp

LENGTH                                      :      53”
HAND LENGTH                          :      35
WEIGTH                                      :      2.5 kg



We will ship the item within 48 hours of working days while the payment is made. We will email the tracking no 


In case of return the product should be return within 7 days of the item received. 

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