Monday, 9 January 2012

Handmade Unique Embroidered Crafted Wool Long Overcoat Handspun sheep Chugha

Chugha (Long Coat)

This delightful warm ad sturdy long coat known as Chugha in Pakistan. This fine overcoat is hand woven by local family on wooden looms by thread spun from local sheep. Each and every overcoat is a unique work of textile artistry. The end result of generations of skill and talent is what I offer here to you

Each overcoat is hand embroidered by the women of Chitral bring to you millennium long history of amazing handwork.

This long coat Chugha will keep you warm and make you relax in cool and cold days for years to come. This fabric is sturdy and fine and will need little ironing if you travel in it. The quality of handwork is amazing and unique enlarge all images to understand the loving work that went into overcoat. From the families in Chitral to you and your family.


 LENGTH                                        :      50”
 HAND LENGTH                           :      24”
 POCKET SIZE                              :      7.5” X 7”
 BELT SIZE                                    :      53 “
 WEIGTH                                        :      1.37 kg
 COLOR                                          :      Light Grey Brown
 BUCKLE                                        :      PLASTIC


  1. That is a beautiful coat. Good luck with your eBay sales. I found you on entrecard and am member of VOL.

  2. Thank you for dropping. I appreciate it.

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