Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rare Handmade Carved Walnut Hardwood Velvet Jewelry Trinket Box jewellery

Jewellery Box

Deep in the ancient dense forest of Kashmir grows the strong rich dark wood of the walnut tree. The wood known as DUN in the local language and worked for the generation of family carvers.

I bring to you today a stunning example of the carvers skill. A hand carved walnut hardwood velvet jewellery trinket box perfect for the safe keeping of your precious items. The jewellery box took 15 to 20 full working days to carve with hand tools. The skill handed from generation to generation, to this one carvers who brings to you his time, energy and creativity to make this stunning box

Imagine sitting in the waning sunlight with a raw piece of walnut and visualizing this box, lovingly carving each flowers small and large, each swirl. Working the raw wood until what is born is the beautifully appointed box. Each detail thought out and exacting from the decorative lid, the touchable and pieces the expertly fitted compartments complete to the detachable feet for easy transport.

From our families to yours, list the old world workmanship delight you protect your valuables, jewellery or 

LENGTH           :      18” (1 foot and 6 inches)
BRITH               :      12” (I foot)
HEIGHT            :      16’’ (1 feet and 4 inches)
HEIGHT            :      8.72 Kg


  1. Very beautifully hand crafted..

    1. It is on sale in my ebay store, you can buy it. I have closed the store for a month and on opening I will message you the link. Please send me your email address.

  2. Dear Sir

    We are an organisation publishing travel guides, presently we are working on a Jammu and Kashmir project for which we are looking for some good photos of Walnut boxes. With reference to the above photo we wish to use it for our project. Kindly give us the permission. We will publish your name in our editorial page.

    Waiting for a positive response

    Rituparna De

  3. Is this box still available for sale?

    1. Not yet have sold and ordered a new one