Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Handmade Walnut Carved Nesting Tables

Walnut Nesting Tables

The lovingly hand carved set of beautiful nesting tables is made using tradition woods and the skill of the Kashmir people. The perfect answer for your storage and space issues.

The nesting fit into each other with precision and the smallest table has three ( 3 ) drawers for your precious goods. Take note of the find delightful carving of beautiful branches and leaves and understand the time and talent our family carvers. The years of experience of skill handed down. All culminating in these tables from their home of yours.

Walnut forests are called DUN in Kashmir and is considered the most suitable hardwood for carving. Walnut Wood tables have stood test of time and have been used for centuries. With these tables we bind centuries of skill and durability with handmade craftmanship and families across the continents. The warm rich colour, the touchable carving and the use of old world skill not machine work will delight you and be the perfect accompaniment to your living space


LENGTH : 18’’ (1 ft and 6 inches)

BRITH : 12” (1 ft)

HEIGHT : 19” (1 ft and 7 inches)

WEIGHT : 11.86 Kg


  1. You have amazing products! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Congratulations on being here on EntreCard. I will try to 'drop' & advertise on you often Good luck.