Thursday, 5 January 2012

PATU Wool Shawl Patoo


Patu ( SHAWL )

Today I offer to you a one of a kind handmade sheep wool shawl. Something, you will find for no other seller in the internet. This handmade item comes to me from a single family in Swat, Pakistan who brings centuries and generations of skill and patience woven on wooden looms to produce this shawl. Each shawl I offer is a one of a kind and represents months of single minded work.  Not on big industrial looms but by hand one thread at a time.

Take a moment please to look at the traditional colors along the edges and know that working these so elegantly into the pattern is the culmination of years of practice.

With this shawl which will keep you warm in the cool weather and fashionable at all time. The hand made fringe completes the design. Each shawl is individually handmade and is a unique item, the color will vary so will the edges. To know what color your edge will be you must enlarge the images. This will also give you the opportunity to inspect the handmade quality you will be  purchasing.

The shawl will offer you years of delightful warmth and beauty. From a family in Pakistan to my family and then to you and your family. Wrap yourself in the warmth that only this shawl and lovingly handmade crafting can provide.  


LENGTH            :      113’’ (9 feet and 5 inches)
BRITH                :      53’’   (4 ft and 5 inches )
WEIGHT            :      1.32 Kg


  1. Such a nice wrap. I suspect it is very warm and cozy in the house on a cold night and so nice to go out to dinner wearing also.

  2. Yes and this my most saleable item.